This was my first wedgie bondage clip and I wasn’t sure if it would be what the client wanted

so I left in the message to the custom client at the end since it was a new thing for me. He enjoyed it and sent at tip 🙂

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run time over 34 minutes

Cherry is a reporter and JJ doesn’t like her reporting. She heads over there to teach her a lesson and catches her off guard while she is only in her undies applying some makeup. JJ overpowers the pretty redhead and ties her hands in front before starting to pull her little black panties way up in all kinds of positions. Then she silences her with a pretty red ballgag and ties up her legs and puts her arms behind her back and ties them to make her a bit more secure, more wedgies, some rug burn, panties in the mouth, clear tape around her head and finally a hogtie with her heels removed. Maybe she should go find another job so this type of thing doesn’t happen again.

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