Hi everyone,

The year hasn’t started off that great. My amazing 130 pound dog Titus was having absolutely terrible seizures, 24 hours at the emergency vet and $2000 later there weren’t any real questions answered as to why. He is on a heavy dose of anti-seizure meds now and his last seizure was on NYE. 130 pound beast seizing is a pretty horrific thing to witness. We went to a neurologist a few days after that, still no real answers because I can’t pay thousands of dollars for a doggie MRI. The emergency vet thinks brain tumor but I’m optimistic. If it is a brain tumor it hasn’t spread yet. We have another vet appointment the 19th. The meds are not cheap either and I’m sure they hurt him in some other way so I’d love for him to get off of them. My heart aches for this poor boy who has soo many struggles. I feel his pain in a major way. We have one more vet appointment tomorrow.

Driving home an hour from the dog neurologist I got take out food and gluten poisoning. In my very weakened state after a stressful weak with a sick dog and then the gluten poisoning. Two days later I went out for a friends birthday and I caught covid, the bad symptoms and a very positive test. 3 days into it when I felt confident to drive and get a test done I went. Good news is I have not been a spreader since I live alone and Eric and my ex were gone and I canceled shoots immediately. I have zero vaccinations. It was decided that covid would be easier on my body than the shots since I’m allergic to so much and soo much causes me inflammation. Anyway I am on the upswing now. I didn’t seek medical treatment, I just waited it out at home with tons of fluids and supplements and cold medicine for the unreal pain in my head and body that it caused.  I’m still weak and there is a strange throbbing in my upper legs but I’m otherwise OK. I’ve had my fair share of autoimmune flare ups in the last few years but I hadn’t been catch sick since 2018.

As of now the closing on selling my bank building is Feb 15. I am selling pretty much everything in the building… so if that enormous bedroom set or the office furniture or any of it seems like something you might want to own let me  know. The building is located 15 minutes from Detroits DTW airport.

Now that I’m back on my feet again this is how the shoot schedule is firming up, the last shoots at the building. I will be setting more up but for now this is what I’ve got. Let me know if you’d  like customs. Vet bill have been absolutely out of control, customs would help. Tony  is also back in town to help with shoots.

Jan 24    Lillith Lewd

Jan 26    Dakkota

Jan 31     Izzie

More updates coming today and I’ll start tackling my emails. I haven’t been in them at all…

Also I lost a few pounds since I last shot and I have dark hair again which will make some of you very happy.


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