Eric Cain/ futilestruggles has been up here with me. He had to put his dog Cooter down unexpectedly the day before Christmas Eve. I was with him, it is sooo heart breaking. I had intended on being on the computer all day but that didn’t happen and then I had holiday obligations. He is no longer in town with me but I do plan to go to Florida in February at some point to stay with him and shoot lots. So the good news is I have a lot of content for you, the bad news is it isn’t up yet….

I won’t be in my bank building after January, so if you had been considering a custom on the big bed set or the office or in the jail or with the old marble wall, etc now is the time to line it all up. Before it is gone I plan to shoot Cherry Busom, Dakkota, Je C, Rachel Adams, Jayda Blayze, Chanel Celsius, Lillith Lewd there. I’m not sure who else at this time, so many no shows happening and lots and lots of moving and packing happening. I am extremely behind on emails though. If you can’t take long periods of silence, if you take it personally or if it just makes you angry or hurt or doesn’t compute with your very email oriented brain please do yourself a favor and just avoid reaching out because I’m slow, I’m complicated and it has nothing to do with any of you or not appreciating you…it has everything to do with me. I am definitely sad that life didn’t work out the way I imagined it the day I signed the dotted line to own that place but I’m delighted to be able to travel and rent cool places and shoot in new to me spaces for sure!!!

The plan is to get two clips up today and two tomorrow. Today is Je and Rachel, tomorrow will be Kai and I’m not sure just yet…

I hope the Christmas positive people (lol) had a very Merry Christmas. I find this time of year to be the hardest by far, my heart goes out to the rest of you that feel the same way but woo hoo it is pretty much over so yay for us and the brand new year ahead!

Yours in bondage,

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