Hello everyone,

I have been 100 percent checked out of emails for a while now but that will change later today after I go do a final coat of white paint on my old dark paneled basement walls at home since I won’t have the studio for shooting much longer I need better space at home. WOW the white walls are a game changer down there and this is actually some natural light, something I never had at the studio.

So feel free to re-send old emails or I’ll make it down the list today and tomorrow

This weekend I’m shooting Je and Jayda together and separately if you’d like a custom. I have many emails to return pertaining to this as well….

I’m also finally shooting Cherry Busom again this weekend and I know there are emails to address.

Also I’ll be shooting Lilith Lewd the 8th and writing Simone now to see when she can shoot.

My ex gotcuffs is here to assist with shoots and Eric Cain is back in town for a  bit.

Nov 13 I’m supposed to shoot Myrra, she has worked with Downgirlz, I don’t know much else yet aside from she is youthful, thin and pretty 😉



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