I 100% checked out of emails a couple of weeks ago after 2 people got heat exhaustion at my studio and I was a bit burnt out and overwhelmed with other things and good on content. On another note the bank/studio won’t be mine for much¬† longer but the basement flooded with dirty dirty water this last big flood, and that hasn’t happened in years, pretty depressing.

I’ve been unloading a stuffed 2 the brim 2 car leaky garage, a home basement full of memories and two bedrooms stored with things. Over the years I took so much off of peoples hands that they didn’t want because I had so much space to fill, now I’m significantly downsizing and dealing with the hoard…..Luckily this season my home is air conditioned so the heat hasn’t been an issue aside from in the garage which wasn’t too bad. A friend lent me a big old truck and Ive been growing muscles with trips to the dump and to salvation army as well as with a personal trainer.

Shooting starts again Friday and now it is catch up on all of your messages so i can make some fantasies come to life.

I was not reading any of them or ignoring anyone. I simply did not login at all…..weird I know, never claimed to be normal in that way.

In great news my dogs emergency surgery was a big success and he is thriving for the first time! $400 after his rescue 1.5 years ago I am absolutely delighted to say that he is a seemingly very healthy boy and although I take him back in a month to check for prostate cancer I believe that he is cancer free just based on his happiness level, so yay! As a grown ass family-less woman with no roommates and no children my pets are everything to me. You know what I like best about people? Their dogs…just saw that the other day and could totally relate.

Working on my own health… feeling so close to normal, most days.

I really apologize for being too complicated to not be online mingling all day or good at the back and forth like sooo many other women but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a fantastic time shooting these clips. I hope it comes through that I enjoy them and don’t rush through or only do it for the money.

Believe me the money is not worth what it has done to my real life and I would have never dove into this just to make a living coming from the life I was living….






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