Some of you answered my questionaire and said you’d like to see more with the strap on. As of now the local women that are into it are Jayda Blayze, Lilith Lewd and Red Diamond. In September Mama Binx will return and she is also down. If others interest you for customs let me know perhaps I can entice them to visit 😉 or maybe one of these days I’ll start to travel again. I’ve just been oddly comfortable at home. IF I hit the road again where should I go? Where are your favorite bondage models and who would like to session in their home town? Give me a reason to leave, please.

July 20 Rachel Adams returns

Beginning of August Simone

I have a beautiful lifestyler newbie August 24

In September Mama Binx

some time before it gets cold Milf Gigi

& Dawn Isabella

Local lovelies that can usually come quickly Je C,  Jayda Blayze, her sister Chanelle Celsius, Cherry Busom, Lilith Lewd, curious newbie Kai. I’ll be posting her first clip this week 🙂

A few people also wrote sad that I said I wasn’t going to do intense gags… I didn’t mean that, I just meant the criteria for hiring a model or making a clip does not NEED to involve mean gags like they once did. They also don’t NEED to involve heels and hosiery I just prefer it myself 😉

My ex gotcuffs will be here the 20th to help with the Rachel shoots and stay for a bit. We will be shooting A LOT. If you’d like a gotcuffs custom feel free to email ME the details, even if I’m not involved in it. I’ll contact the models and get him on board with making them for you… That being said please understand that I am often horrible, horrible, horrible at emails so patience please, though feel to re-send without a nasty message attached.

I’ll be sitting in the car outside of a vets office waiting forever for a walk in Monday so I’ll have plenty of time to answer emails, please resend anything you think I’ve overlooked. I have seen some requests for sessions from newbies and haven’t clicked on them because the studio is in my opinion dangerously hot right now, at least to people that don’t have hot weather all year long. I am never fully myself while I’m melting and tying people…I need to open those and respond.

Also please don’t take my personal online habits or lack of being online issue personally…. I’m not offended or reading things and intentionally ignoring you or too much of a bitch to care… The assumptions people make about me not responding are actually just made up nonsense, it is just people projecting and I hate that in all aspects of life. I feel terrible when people take it personally. It isn’t about you, its about me and my life outside of running this site and my mental health etc. I know it really hurts my ability to make a living because people generally demand immediate attention these days and I understand that part of it.

Coming this week to the site

a self gag video with Cherry Busom and I, then her tied in a split

newbie Kai in the chair and then her first hogtie

me tied in casual clothes

perhaps  Red Diamond in puffy coats. When I post niche stuff like that  I like to make sure I post more clips for people that are not into it

Daniel in the restraint chair and hogcuffed with Jayda and I as cops for the men in bondage page and clips4sale

No idea why you still can’t see the men in bondage area if you aren’t a member. Email my webmaster and complain nicely, lol,

Good night bondage lovers and the vanillas in my life that like to follow me online,






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