Hi everyone,

Today is my birthday and this August will be this websites 10 year anniversary and wow what a long strange trip its been!!

Thanks for putting up with my constant hair and weight changes, terrible email ettiquete, unkept promises, boy I do mean well and I’m trying to be shall we say more reliable and consistent. I have good runs at it and then I crash, which I hope to help solve that problem by swallowing my pride and getting on the Thyroid meds.

So many years ago I was very sickly and only able to do the bare minimum in all aspects of life. I wasn’t answering emails or doing customs. I didn’t have it in me to do much at all….I know a lot of people thought I was snobby or that I was too special to respond when they wrote me meaningful things but that wasn’t the case at all. I was just barely a person. I have some health struggles now but it is absolutely nothing like before. My quality of life compared to where I was then on the physical health front is absolutely fabulous compared to where I was and I am eternally grateful and also proud of myself for making soo many changes and doing the research but I really shut down back then. I wasn’t willing to get to know anyone from this or outside of this. I didn’t want to shoot new models, I wasn’t willing to meet producers that tried to meet or people that liked the site. I never knew how I was going to feel and I was the queen of canceling so it just made it easier not to make plans and not even read the messages because the stress of trying to keep the plans and the stress of canceling the plans, well, stressed me out to the max because my brain was broken. I wasn’t involved in the lifestyle even as I was healing. I felt like I was starting to come back out of my shell right before Covid but then isolation, uncertainty, shutdowns put a damper on that but I’m trying. I have been shooting mostly customs or sponsored clips and trade content lately which is honestly why I can still do this for a living at this point. It makes up for the dismal sales at clips4sale but I’m loving seeing others ideas and finally being able to make fantasies come to life for people and now that I almost function normally I’m happy to try new things. I also have more content on hand than I have possibly ever have which is pretty cool!! So as many of you have probably noticed there are more barefeet, casual clothes, socks, less severe gags or ties appearing on the site after allllll of these years because that is a lot of what people have been ordering from me and I’m enjoying changing it up and seeing what makes people tick in my old age and finding some new things I like that I never knew I liked however my heart remains with heels and hosiery 😉

The world is a very different place than it was when I started posting my clips to clips4sale before opening Borntobebound.com. Buyers/ members, well the ones that flocked to me mostly wanted stiletto heels, pantyhose, girdles, stockings, garter belts, satin blouses, slinky dresses, naturally colored hair, little body mods etc and boy oh boy I posted tons of that. Over the years the older folks that appreciated more of a tease and using their own minds (and paying for their porn) are mostly not interested in adult content anymore…Many younger people and even not so young peope grew up online and had seen more extreme porn by 10 years old than I had by 22 years old, so that being said

Who is still here age wise?
What would you like to see more of?
What are you sick of?
Are you a heels and hosiery person?
Would you prefer more trendy/ youthful outfits?
What makes you spend your money here?
Do you only like damsel clips?
Are gags very important to you?
Do you enjoy a wide variety of bondage or are you into a specific nitch?
Please feel free to expand on any of this, it is just a start….
Would you have interest in one on one skype sessions with me or something of the sort?
Are you happy with the download time/ streaming/ size of the movies?
Since I’ve been doing more customs the client will often write with the mood he’d like portrayed, a whiny damsel, an angry grunting damsel, comedy during the speaking parts etc…
Unlike many producers I’ve never given the models instructions like big eyes or look at the camera or never look at the camera. I just let them do what comes naturally….
What do you prefer?

I just finished out an enormous shooting spree. I didn’t need to cancel on anyone or run late but I didn’t accomplish too much outside of shooting :/. I edited as much as possible today. There will be many customs emailed out in the am. The uploads are pretty slow and I’m pretty tired.

I have some solo clips to do this Thursday

and Izzie rescheduled for the 7th and Cherry around then as well plus a curious new local that appeared on gotcuffs Kai

and Nyxon comes later this month

I REALLY need to catch up on these edits before I schedule so much again….

Thats it for now.

Yours in bondage,

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