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23 minutes

Lockdown has been rough for submissives that can’t see their mistresses and because of an extra nice tribute JJ shows a favorite a little self bondage while she is wearing his very favorite outfit. She ties up her legs, puts a pair of panties he gifted her into her mouth, wraps her head with vetwrap and  gives herself a crotch rope and a chest harness before cuffing herself behind the back and struggling on the chair in front of the fireplace before making her way over to the sun porch and using another pair of cuffs to hogcuff herself, but not until she puts his favorite juicy red ballgag in her mouth that is usually strapped tightly between his lips and not hers. After some time she removes the hogcuff cuff and ballgag and says goodbye.

This was a custom in a very ill fitting thick off the rack latex catsuit from China many years ago. It is very short in the torso and too tight in the arms to make it to my armpits so moving is very difficult even without a corset which is why I usually wear the spandex type. If anyone wants to gift me a latex catsuit that fits well I’d like to work out a custom deal with you! I’m not picky about brands, I’d just like it to fit so that I have lady like movement 😉 

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