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run time over 33 minutes

Cherry comes home from work ready for some kind of break from life and relaxation via rope bondage. She gets a boxtie, a leather pillow gag, a crotch rope that she is led around the room and across the bed on. She is tethered to the post and wriggles around. She hops around the room tied in her suede boots. Then she struggles on the nightstand. JJ removes her boots and one pair of her sock that have been doubled up because her boots are too big and she puts one of them into her friends mouth and wraps her head with white fabric. Cherry gets to the ground and struggles around momentarily before getting hogtied on the floor. It was all fun and games until that hogtie happened and she could feel all of the stress in her body and wasn’t even able to roll over without being pushed over. The cleave is also wrapped around her head even tighter. A usually bouncy and excited Cherry is suddenly somewhat still and silenced. After some time JJ returns and drags her out.

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