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This was a custom for Rachel

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run time 26 minutes

Rachel Adams is cuffed with tight irish 8s on her wrists and ankles and a pink ballgag. Her girlfriend JJ enters delighted about what she finds. She opens a card from Rachel telling her to gag her with several ballgags so she can try to spit them out and to nipple clamp her and use zipties on her. Ms Adams struggles with a penis panel gag, a big white ballgag, a tiny penis gag inserted the wrong way for fun and an enormous, almost impossible red ballgag (from mchurt). When the red one goes in Rachel gets ziptied below her cuffs, ouch. Then she gets to the floor and is hogcuffed with a hinged cuff. Her clamps are removed which does nothing but make the pain of the hogcuffing and giant ballgag hurt even more. JJ doesn’t care too much about how uncomfortable her girl is, she opens one of the presents, a wooden foot massager and gets to work rolling her barefeet with nude polish on it while mostly ignoring her pretty girl.

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