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run time 27 minutes

 Rachel Adams comes home from a Halloween party and quickly removes her white heels and tries to clean the scuffs off. She is not supposed to wear her dominant girlfriends shoes anymore. She is always scuffing them up. The strict girlfriend comes in and tells Rachel it is time for her punishment which includes tying her hands in front on an ottoman with a tiny ballgag. Her feet are poked with her heels and different wooden paddles and crops with her fully fashioned white stockings on. Then the most enormous ball goes in. Her stockings are removed and the foot torture continues on bare feet. Finally the huge gag is removed and her flight attendant hat goes right into her mouth and microfoam goes over her mouth and then her hands are pulled behind her head and tape is wrapped around her upper body and mouth. She wriggles around on the ottoman with the bell nipple clamps on waiting for her girlfriend to let her out.

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