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run time 44 minutes

I truly enjoyed this!She is not a damsel here she is my willing victim. Little Red Girl is in a hottskirt¬† by hottbonds and I put the coordinating arm binder on her after she has gagged herself with my enormous red ballgag. She is strung up between the posts with a crotch rope and nipple clamps and I put a vetwrap gag on her and then she gets to the ground where she is tied in what resembles a cradle to me. This time with a white ballgag. After that adventure I’m still not done so her mouth is stuffed with pink panties and she is hogtied tightly and obediently lays on top of the clothespins that are on her nipples. Something seems amiss so I remove my tan pantyhose and put on leg over her head and then I wrap the other leg of the hosiery around her head to tighten up the microfoam tape gag. It looks complete to me now. The gag coming off is shown at the end.

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