New model to this site, English bondage loving cutie pie Little Red Girl!

Many thanks to Bondage from Overseas for making it possible to shoot these clips in England and for holding the camera steady 🙂

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run time 17 minutes and 30 seconds


JJ is stuck with her half sister Red as a roommate. She is a loud sloppy party girl that wakes her up at all hours of the night. She is waiting for Red this one morning with some tape and a pretty pink ballgag (from Her hand goes over the petite things mouth before the big ballgag goes in. Then some tape is used to secure her arms and then some nipple clamps go on her. That isn’t the last of it tho, her big natural boobs are all taped up making the clamps tighter and tighter. She struggles on the couch before tape is used to secure her legs under her. Then she is dragged to the floor and the ballgag is room and a pair of panties the cute young thing left on the floor in the bathroom are shoved in her mouth and her little head is wrapped with black wrap over and over again and then some black tape to secure it in place. It is tight and the little party girl is now miserable and will hopefully prove to be a better roommate to her sister in the future. Run time 17 minutes and 30 seconds

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