Journal Update:

Hi everyone! My bestest friend Dixie Comet arrived and we spent yesterday on the water and then grilled out and made a fire. I’m considering her visit a staycation. It is forcing me to smell the roses for a couple of days and I’ve gotta say it was nice to sit outside the new/old house on a beautiful night with lots of stars in the sky and enjoy the moment and not be fixated on getting shit done.  We will be shooting Monday and Tuesday. I believe our custom plate is full, but if you have a quicky last minute idea please send me an email.

I was at my wits end before she arrived- a flea infestation in my personal wardrobe room at the bank from those damn ceiling raccoons that got back in yet again, a huge fallen tree to cope with, the fridge at my condo broken again, my contractors disappeared again, it was pointed out that the tires on my car are all horrible and I missed my 20 year class reunion in Connecticut tonight.

6 hrs with a chainsaw and Tony solved the tree problem,  Orkin solved the flea problem and the rest are works in progress.

Now back to borntobebound

Adara next week

Rachel June 16

Terra Mizu July 1

Caroline Pierce for a week at the end of July!

Locals Riley Jane & Simone will be in soon-ish too

Happy Saturday everyone!

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