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This was a custom video for me, interested? jj at borntobebound dot com

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run time over 3o minutes

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run time 7 minutes

JJ is lounging on the couch when her husband comes home in black sheer toe pantyhose, size 6 feet up on the couch, red toenail polish. He inquires as to why she didn’t pay the rent. She said that after her job interview she went to the mall and found a $700 pair of heels for $400 and she couldn’t resist. He asks her how the interview went and she said the position had been filled so she didn’t even finish the interview she just went across the street to the high end mall. He’s not pleased with his clueless ungrateful wife. She tries to argue that she could sell the heels online for $600 but he is seeing red. He grabs some tape and tapes up her body. Elbows, wrists, mouth stuffed, tight microfoam to keep the stuffing in. When she isn’t quiet enough he adds black tape to it creating a tight cleave gag. She struggles and moans and he returns, not to let her out but to add duct tape to the layered gag and to hogtape her on the tiny couch. Well now she is screwed, she can’t even roll over or she will tumble to the floor- perhaps that is what he wants- for her to knock herself out. The hogtaping was wrapped around her ankles and her mouth shoving the gag in even more. He leaves her there to wallow in self pity. He is hoping she will learn to be more responsible but he doubts it….

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