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run time 26 minutes

Nyxon is waiting for her lover to come home. He has written her a note and told her to tie up her ankles, put in a ballgag and blindfold herself. She waits patiently for him to come in. When he gets there she tries to get him to talk but he doesn’t say a word. Nyxon doesn’t realize that it isn’t her lover at all. It his his angry wife. She adds more rope to her and pulls her off the bed to stand facing the bed post. She adds more rope to her and then pulls off the 3 inch ballgag and the blindfold. Much to Nyxons dismay it is JJ stuffs her mouth with a sock and a pair of panties she claims don’t belong to her, but another woman her husband is sleeping with. She gropes Nyxon and finally puts her into a tight hogtie and then tied her hair back. She also adds electrical tape to the gag an leaves her there.

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