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My last 3  models canceled due to illness and school issues so I’m getting a little antsy. I’m also very behind on emails. I’m not intentionally ignoring anyone. Life is just complicated and I’ll get there. Feel free to resend to bump to the top.

Also coming today a gag custom of Cherry and I to make up for the lack of gags in the Nyxon clip 😉

As of right now this is how things look aside from my shoots today. Today is Cherry and perhaps Kai will show up

5th Jayda & Je

7th Cherry Busom  aka Lushes LaMoan

11th Bound Kajira in the photos below. When I mentioned gags she said she had TMJ so….if you want a gag custom she is not your lady

11th after Kajira , Dakkota

13th Lilith Lewd

16th Rachel Adams

also not scheduled yet but hopefully very soon Simone, Kai, Chanelle and lots solo with my ex Gotcuffs




Coming later today a clip of Ophelia and Jayda

Coming to shoot this week:

22nd Rachel Adams but her dance card is full this time around, sign up for a custom next time!

24th Dakkota

sometime very soon, Cherry Busom

sometime around the 26th the cutie newbie bondage loving woman from Jersey who has never done clips

October 19 and 20 Ophelia comes back from Colorado!

There will be more shoots scheduled with local women, I have been moving lots out of the bank and around in my home to have room for some things from the building. Purging, purging, purging all day….. clear space, clear mind 🙂

Most of my lingerie collection and heels will go , size 0-6x in girdles and 6-11 in heels.  If there is something you recall that you loved feel free to write and inquire. Also for those of you that buy vintage lingerie what is the best platform to sell it on? I had an account with etsy that my friend Kim was running. When she dropped dead in her 30s with no previous medical issues it was the same time I found out I had no credit, had been robbed blind, my (senior at least) yorkie died and I found out my marriage was meaningless so I never ever logged back in there….. trauma, really does a number on people that were already sickly and weak.

Good news is hard work, self care and time heals those wounds and life does goes on.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and I’m grateful to be in a much, much better place today physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Much love! JJ




Soooo if you purchase clips from the store on using a particular linking code I get 100% of the sales this month instead of the 60% which is usually the situation over there. I hate asking people to use certain links or vote for me or my friends however trust me when I say I need this money far more than the good folks that run clips4sale.
To help me out extra big time this month just click on the link below whenever you buy clips from me there this month.
Mind you it is a much better deal to join my site for the month, however I know many of you are untrusting of pay sites but trust that site for whatever reason.

Here is the borntobebound link to use so I get 100% this month!!

 Also I see all the girls are starting Patreon, Only Fans and AVN star accounts and I’ve been prodded to do it by many for extra income, however I don’t think that is fair to my paying members here at all!!!  I’m going to make my own little area here called JJs AVN Patreon Only Fans and I’ll put in behind the scenes videos and images because I take a ton, probably more than anyone in the industry while shooting. For those of you that like the personal stuff you will be able to find more of it here now that I am in good health and have a better grip on what is going on in my life, I can be more present, like I was the first few years of my bondage career but I’m taking baby steps towards that instead of going all in and then disappearing from emails again for a year or going back to my vanilla life…

 When the virus happened I did a blog here saying that I would do $20 giftcards emailed to for a month long membership here and I am going to continue that deal for the rest of April since many of you are still stuck at home.

PLEASE don’t be opposed to joining a membership site with over 1000 videos for $20 (This One) when you are willing to join these AVN, Patreon, Only Fan accounts with just a month or two worth of content. Also I have A LOT OF OVERHEAD running this site. So to join for $20 this month go to the USA version of amazon which is and select email giftcard and send it to with your email and preferred username and password please. You won’t get immediate access but you will get access as soon as possible and trust me when I say I won’t spend the $20 until you are a member. Your $20 will almost buy me 4 rolls of microfoam for gags. For those of you that write me telling me you are my biggest fan but you’ve only watched my stolen content on tube sites now is the time to earn yourselves some good karma 🙂 🙂  🙂
Stay safe and sane everyone.




Hello to my fellow humans,

I hope everyone is of sound mind and body during these absolutely wild times we are living in.

I will be posting two updates Saturday evening and I am actually shooting with my exhusband Tony/ Gotcuffs Sunday with Vida Bristol from this site. We have basically all been together since we were told not to mingle so….

If you’d like a custom video with myself and Tony or myself and Vida or Vida and me… you get the idea, the third person will be around to film. We are all physically well, thankfully. I didn’t spend the last three years of my life building my immune system up just to be destroyed by this so I am taking it very seriously and I haven’t been out out. I haven’t seen the empty shelves in real life, it is almost like it isn’t real only it is….

You can send custom inquiries to jj at borntobebound dot com. Please don’t ask how much for a custom or how much for a ten minute custom in your email. I do not quote per minute, I need your story idea, clothing idea, what bondage you’d like to see and then I can quote it. I’m pretty affordable these days I’ve been told. I can also probably do skype sessions which is something I have offered very little of over the years.

Also for those of you bored at home for the next week I will be offering 31 days memberships for a $20 giftcard sent to jj at borntobebound dot com beginning NOW. This is not an instant gratification thing though, this is a send it and wait for an email back about your account being active, same day but most likely not immediate. Please include your preferred username, password and email address with the gift card. Also this must be from the USA/ .com version of amazon or I won’t be able to use the card.

That is the best I can do right now.

Hang in there everyone. We can do it.

Much appreciation,



Hello everyone,

The 5th I’ll be shooting Rachel Adams

The 12th & 13th Adara Jordin

The 16th Nyssa Nevers

The 17th Garnett Rose, my first time shooting her

My exhusband Tony from gotcuffs will be in town to video tape or be a bad guy or a dude in distress while Nyssa, Adara and Garnett are here.

April 5-20 I’ll be in Las Vegas Nevada. Please let me know which models I should shoot there, or what people should tie me up or come and have a real life session with me there!

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the slow updates but at least I have been shooting. My ex/ gotcuffs was in town for two weeks and we went hard at working to list a property hours and hours a day. It was gut wrenching sad hard labor on properties that are in terrible states of disrepair that I’ve been left with, only to be thanked with almost two feet of dirty water flooding out the bank basement the day he was supposed to leave for his place 5 hours away. I think I’m holding it together fairly well. I am pretty used to bad luck by now. I must have been one hell of a shitty person in a previous life, lol. So my studio has drained, it took 24 hours but a nice black sludge was left behind. For whatever reason it was dirtier this time than ever. My home also flooded, first time since at least the late 80s because I pulled out heavy duty carpet and padding from then that hadn’t been flooded ever. The good news is at home it was only an inch and not filthy and nothing other than rugs got destroyed, so it could have been much worse I suppose.  Below is the water at the highest and the mess it left behind. I have no clue why they post sideways. It looks normal when I try to post it, but you get the idea…

I will get caught up on updates Monday onward when I finally have some down time. I also see lots of emails that I haven’t gotten to and many of them say customs and sessions and I’m super thankful for that especially right now. Adara as my collared cutie pie slave is always willing to make customs with me for what I consider to be a good deal. Things are not easy but my brain and body are working well enough to tackle them, unlike in years past sooo I’m thankful for that.

Boundcon in Munich is also fast approaching so get your tickets and come and give me hug. I welcome hugs for free and I’ll happily tie you up and gag you, for a price 😉

Thanks to you honest folks that join the site, buy the clips, order the customs and send the gifties. These clips don’t come to life for free. Shame on all of you that spend time stealing it and spreading it around for free…I don’t give your work out for free, may all of your spouses get addicted to drugs and bankrupt you and may all of your basements flood out above your knees. Nevermind, I doubt you guys posting my content for free have spouses. lol

Happy weekend!



Customs anyone?  I finally have a couple local camera people lined up to help. YAY! It was super helpful having my ex do camera and help me bad guy, not gonna lie. He was good with the camera and not hard on the eyes.

There will be more girls but this is the line up for now-

March 15     Nyssa Nevers

March 18      Mizz Amanda Marie

End of March, Adara Jordin is back

March 27      Rachel Adams

Raven said she was coming back

* Vegas trip happening during Viva Las Vegas in April. I’ll  be shooting there

*Boundcon Munich Germany in May

PLEASE look at the top of the page and read the customs area before writing me and asking me how much for a custom please.


Today I got the clip of Adara up, the clip of myself up and corrected the Riley link problem.

I’m so sorry I’ve been missing in action for so long but things are getting a little easier in my world and I’ll be able to be way more on top of things here.

I’m in good physical health and I’m not throwing in the towel on bondage, plus I have shot more new girls in the past few months than I have in the past few years. I just need to get the content up for you all.  In fact I just lessened my load, justfigures is closed down for the time being and the inventory is being shipped to Florida right now to be taken over by a gang of people down there. It was a difficult decision but the best for my future considering what is going on. I’ll post the details when its back up and running of course.

Many thanks to those of you that have stuck with me not getting to the 3 updates per week on time. You are helping me in very big ways, like preventing me from being homeless for instance. lol.

I am shooting Adara Jordin this Thursday the 7th at my bank building and she is looking great! My ex Tony will be here that day to hold the camera and or help with rigging if needed, we’d love to make a custom for you!

Please write me at jj at

If you are in Detroit, I’ll be at the Detroit Dirty Show Friday night February 15th please say hi!

AND I’ll be in Vegas for sure over the weekend of April 18-22 during the Viva Las Vegas pin up and Rockabilly convention and some days before or after….I’ll be looking to shoot and to session there.

Also I’ll be a guest at my favorite event on earth Boundcon in Munich Germany in May!!

That is it in a nutshell for now…

Much love in bondage,


Server transfer seems to have been a success but I could not send or receive emails from the night of the 8th until tonight the 11th. I was told that once the email was working correctly all of the messages that were sent during that time would show up, but that was an untruth. I sent many tests from my other account and my webmaster sent tests as well and nothing showed up.

Anyway good news is that it seems to be working now but if you sent a message during that time please resend it. If you sent a message before then and haven’t heard from me please be patient…

My husband/webmaster/camera man moved in with his family 350 miles from here and has no intention of returning back to me. I’ve been beside myself trying to prevent that from happening since late last year. Most of my energy was spent coping with all that emotionally which spilled over to my physical world, hence unreliable updates etc. Please no worries he will continue to run fetish sites and his own cuff site and to be my webmaster. Plus we just changed servers, which I already mentioned so some of you in exotic locations should be getting your content faster than before. It was apparently a very wise switch but if you experience glitches please email support at

Thursday (tomorrow) expect an hour long cuff update that is exporting now and another one, not sure what yet.

Also if you are interested in customs I am shooting

Mizz Amanda Marie this Saturday

Rachel very soon

Adara Jordin the week of the 25th

Dakkota the 29th

Freshie Juice around the 31st

Je C very soon

Dominica when there are custom requests for her

Simone very soon

Illustrious Rogue aka Rose very soon

*I’m not interested in using two (other) models at one time right now though. I’m frazzled and people are unreliable  and I just don’t have it in me to deal with that right now… but I will have a camera person.

Also I’ll be a guest at the smaller Boundcon in November in Munich!! I am very, very excited as I haven’t been able to attend events in a while! I’ll be handing out free hugs or free spankings (for you, not me) so please come on out. Also I will be doing domme sessions in the hotel room….

I still have the bank building for now but it is painfully hot and the idea of sessioning in there right now makes me ill. The last thing I want is a client or submissive heat stroking out on me.


Fighting the good fight for a brighter future, JJ



journal update

I had Gigi and Jim here and I wasn’t online much. The good news is that I did get clips with both Gigi and Jim and he even tied me up. It had been a while. I  had to fire my contractor while they were here. I was at my wits end so sadly I’m still showering with a pool shower hooked up to a laundry tub in the basement even tho I hired the guy Sept 27 AND the man I fired fell through the rafters and now my foyer has a big hole in the ceiling, sadly it was one of the only finished spaces in the house. I just can’t seem to win with these contractors and my patience and funds are all dried up.

Today, Monday I’ll get your third update of last week and hopefully one for this week up.  Adara is now here and we will be shooting some customs she has lined up and Tuesday I’ll be shooting a quick click of Dominica because that is all she has time for and then Anna so it is going to be a very long few days. Plus I feel like my entire future is up in the air right now and things are incredibly tense…I’m really grasping at straws here guys and happy to be a woman where we are allowed to be so honest about our feelings.

I have not been in my emails in a few days and even then I was only opening ones I knew were easy to answer I am going to try to get to a few before I fall asleep.

I hope everyone had a peaceful weekend and happy Monday.

Peace, love and bondage always-