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run time 22 minutes

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

shorter, coming soon: run time

JJ & Je C have been invited to an exclusive VIP afterhours gig….they arrive to music playing and lights on but no one in site. The music stops abruptly and impatiently they head to the bar, but are grabbed by two masked men. When they return to the scene their wrists have been tied and they are ballgagged. The guys explain that a webcam show will start soon and that they- the thick grown ass women will be up for auction!!!  They are tied in a basic fashion and left for a few minutes. They get to the floor and try to untie one another. Then the masked me return, adding more rope and stuffing their mouths full of panties and wrapping them tightly with vetwrap. They are left again and the two frantically try to  untie one another. Je manages to get the gag off and uses her teeth to pick at the knot on JJs  elbows, but before she can get that rope off the men appear and they stuff her mouth and wrap it with tape. They add tape to JJ as well. They have been groped and manhandled A LOT, they are hogtied and left while the masked duo goes to get the webcam set up. This time the ladies can’t make any progress at getting the gags off or the ropes loosened. Soon one of the men comes back. He unties JJ legs and she tries to get away from him- big old tits bouncing all over the place….he grabs her and takes her to start the webcam auction and leaves Je there to wait her turn….

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