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Many moons ago

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run time 22 minutes

Serene Isley gets into pantyhose. They are roomy and her entire lower body goes into one leg and then her arms go into the other leg. She is wearing bra, panties and pantyhose underneath. She is in 6 inch heels and gets taped to a post and wears a couple of different ballgags, plus a stocking over her head. Isn’t she cute as my fetish dolly?

I tie her up on screen which takes about 5.5 minutes then I decide to put a huge harness gag on her. She doesn’t seem to like the idea of the harness gag but it’s too late, she is already tied up. Then I cut her pretty yellow sweater away, tape her boobs up with electrical tape and then put nipple clamps on them. After a bit I take the clamps off and take the harness gag off, swapping it out with a big pair of panties and some clear tape. Then I help her to the floor and hogtie her on screen. Next I take the tape off her breasts, telling her it’s because I know it is painful to lay on them, but really I just think her boobs are so pretty without any bondage, I’d prefer to see them free. Next I add just a bit of clear electrical tape to that gag to tighten it up :)

run time over 21 minutes

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Attorney Serene Isley has an important case she needs to attend the next morning, but JJ can’t let that happen… She gets into Ms Isley’s home and waits for her.  Serene is greeted with JJ’s arms wrapping around her neck and a damp rag placed over her nose and mouth. She soon and is dragged across the wood floor by her legs and propped up in a chair. She comes to with her elbows and ankles tied, and JJ quickly adds a lot more rope to the woman. She needs to silence Ms Isley and shoves the rag in her mouth and wraps an entire roll of vet wrap around her head to shut her up. Next she pulls open her satin blouse and grabs Serene‘s handbag removing some important documents from inside and slapping Serene in the face, over her head even in the boobs infuriating her. There is some time left before JJ’s accomplice is to show up, so she removes the lawyers gag to hear some of what she has to say, but nothing comes out of her mouth but a barrage of insults, so she is silenced again…. with the smelly rag, mouth stuffed and a scarf wrapped around her head. She comes to and struggles a bit more before Eric, the accomplice shows up. She is taken from the chair and carried over his shoulder, thru her home, out the back door and to the van waiting out back. Once inside the van pulls away with her in it. She is struggling furiously tho so JJ adds a nice tight hogtie to calm her down, and a couple layers of tape over her gag. After some time they arrive at their destination where Eric opens the back of the van and starts to pull her out…

run time about 18 minutes

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I love hogtying serene and her playing a damsel in distress but I’ve done it so many times to her I wanted to do something a little more fetishy. serene sits on my basement floor in black lace bra and panties and pulls on a huge pair of white panties. She gets her entire body into one leg and then I help her get her arms into the other leg. She is wearing 6 inch white heels. I have her hop over to the pole and I strap in a 2 inch black ballgag. Then I start to tape her to the pole with black electrical tape. I decide to make it kind of pretty. I’m a little chatty throughout the process and I love how her perfect curves look taped up tightly to the pole. I tighten her gag a bit and keeping adding more tape, put her hair up in a high ponytail and then take the gag out, put a white stocking with lace detail over her head and then put another black ballgag with a stainless steel rod on her and pull her hair through an opening I cut at the top of the stocking. Next I cut her perfect boobs out of the pantyhose and she looks like the perfect little fetish dolly! I add some black vetwrap to her body just for a little more bondage. Then I add more electrical tape to her chin and her forehead and under her chin criss crossing it over her nose and wrapping it around the pole so she can’t move her head anymore. My regret is not adding more vetwrap to her lower body now that I edit it! I tweek her nipples a bit and run my hands over her body and span her butt and thighs. Then I leave her there mmmphing for us for decorative purposes!

run time over 22 minute

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