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run time over 33 minutes

Cherry bullied JJ in high school and stole her quarterback boyfriend. She is doing a 12 step program and has come to make amends. JJ decides she will accept Cherry’s apology if she will let her practice some bondage on her. Cherry agrees not knowing how bad things will get for her. She ballgags herself and gets crotch roped and nipple clamped while standing. JJs drink is tossed all over her. She gets whipped with some panties and then they are stuffed into her mouth. She gets cleave gag changing the shape of her pretty face. She puts on a struggling show and then gets hogtied after tight microfoam tape is put over her gag. JJ is pleased that she has a couple extra chins. She gets hogtied and then a fishnet stocking goes over her head. After a while a man enters, a man that had crushed on her from third grade on that she had always mistreated. He removes the stockings, the layers of microfoam and the vetwrap ready to have a little fun with her…