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This was a custom video


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run time 26 minutes

JJ tells Adara she is the loser of their bet so she is to do what JJ tells her.  She tells her to spin around the pole, Adara does as shes told.  She then tells her to take off her dress, and Adara hesitates but JJ helps her strip it off.  She then tells Adara to take the rest of it off.  Adara doesn’t want to but JJ doesn’t care, after forcing Adara to strip naked she takes the panties Adara was wearing and shoves them in her mouth.  She uses the bra to cleave gag her panties in and ties her ankles and wrists around a pole leaving Adara bound and exposed. She adds clover clamps to Adara’s nipples and leaves her to struggle for awhile telling her that if she could get herself free she would be done with her punishment, but its not. When JJ comes back she drags in a chair and instructs Adara to sit as she secures her hands above her head and binds her legs again.  Adara struggles some more while JJ adds to Adara’s punishment.

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