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This was a custom video that I’m very happy I didn’t attempt alone.

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run time almost 25 minutes

I tape each of my boobs up and then gag myself extremely well with panties and clear tape. Next I grab some rope and tie up my legs which are only wearing very nude and sheer Cecelia De Rafael pantyhose.  The tie makes the self bondage a bit more difficult than under other circumstances because of  the corset. I tether my legs off to the bedpost, I put a rope around my neck with handcuffs on it….The rope has a slip knot in it. Before I cuff myself I add more layers of clear tape. As I struggle cuffed up to the neck rope the pressure around my neck changes while I’m extremely well gagged. You can see the handcuff key on the dresser but I’m unable to get to it. I’ve turned myself into a d@msel. What will happen next?