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New bondage model to this site, Isabella aka Izzie

she is pretty afraid of gags and tight stuff but she did great for me

she is available for customs

this may not stream for you, troubleshooting now. New version will be up later today

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

38 minutes and 35 seconds

 Izzie left town with a partners money. She made a life for herself but a couple years later the woman catches up with her. Izzie submits to be taped up in her own office, her scarf being used as a gag, forced to struggle in a chair and then hogtaped on the floor. After that abuse she is cut out of the hogtaped and led over to her desk to get her purse and then she is taken from the building. JJ goes back to Izzies house with her bound. She has been stripped out of her power suit down to her underclothes. Her wrists have been cuffed with irish8 cuffs, her thumbs are cuffed, her ankles are cuffed. She gets a little silver ballgag. She is  told to walk around a bit like this before getting to the floor where she is hogcuffed and her gag is changed. Her mouth is stuffed with panties and her head is wrapped with vetwrap. Her toes get cuffed up. A helpless, topless, perfect bootied pretty young Izzie mmmmps on the floor in her bindings  along when a man enters and tells her they are going to have a talk about JJs stolen money.