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3rd update of the week

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full clip, run time 25 minutes

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mostly struggling, over 8 minutes

Charlie Mancini is a determined little reporter. She heard there is a domme in this small town and she thinks it is terrible and wants to get her out, tho she has no problems flaunting her size 2 waist, giant boobs and pretty legs as a news girl. She is wearing a satin blouse and satin mini skirt showing off her garters. She appears at the womans door with a camera man but when JJ doesn’t answer he says he is going to run out for some food. Charlie decides to have a seat in her car. JJ then knocks on her ca door and as Charlie greets her she is grabbed- next scene Charlie is tied and hopped into the room, where she gets a good talking to about minding her own business and how bad it would have been had she run the story since the most powerful and seemingly dominant men around town frequent seeing JJ for stress relief. She is tied while standing and struggles ballgagged before her gag is change out (2 minutes). She gets tightly hogtied with layers of tape added to her gag. JJ is pretty sure that this will scare Charlie away from the story but plans to have another chat with her once she is untied…She clearly hates the bondage.

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