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run time over 35 minutes

Business lady Riley Jane is in big trouble when a masked woman appears and ties her up and hoods up and takes her away…She is led into a furnace room, tethered for a bit and stands waiting to see what will happen to her. She is brought out to a post, passive tits torn out of her all in one girdle and bound up with twine. Her mouth has been stuffed and she whimpers and wriggles before being taken away on a leash and led over to a table where she is boosted up there and hogtied with her toes tied. A huge pair of panties goes in her mouth, her head is wrapped, rope is added to the gag and she is hooded with a nylon hood.

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run time over 39 minutes

A little English girl named Red ( Little Red Girl) hates her American coworker JJ and plans to have her transferred out of her hotel and back to the states, only JJ has another plan which leads to Red being taken against her will and tied up on the conference room table before being leash led covered up in a coat while gagged through the entire hotel to JJs friend Stevens room where there are many leather goods there just waiting to get onto Red’s skin…She ends up in her panties, thigh highs  and heels with her bra pulled down tightly hogtied in leather goods on the bed with her mouth stuffed closed so she can’t yell for her.

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