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2nd update of the week continued, another very old clip but new to

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run time 21 minutes

Pretty little Eden sits in one of my dining room chairs wearing pantyhose as a shirt and pantyhose on the bottom with lace aqua colored full bottom panties and no shoes. Her wrists elbows, ankles and thighs have already been taped up. I walk up to her and shove the biggest ballgag that could ever fit into her mouth between her teeth. She is filmed struggling seductively before I add more tape securing her arms to her waist. She struggles some more like that before I remove that big ballgag and put a stocking cap over her head. There is nothing like distorting a pretty girls face with a stocking cap and I can’t help but laugh out loud….I ask her if she thinks I can put a huge pair of satin granny panties in her mouth over the hood, she agrees but it becomes problematic for me…so I cut a hole in the stocking cap at her mouth. I shove the wad in and tape up her mouth, wrapping it around her head and then adding another strip on top. I knot the top of the stocking on her head because it’s going to come in handy later. I put nipple clamps on her, add some twine and tie them off to the knot on her head. She struggles for us and then I help her to the floor where I hogtape her, pulling her head back as well. I can tell she is concentrating on breathing and she isn’t really able to roll around at all. At 15.16 minutes I have to let her out of that hogtaping…but she’s not ready to give in entirely…so I take electrical tape and rehogtape her with that. Unfortunately electrical tape has some stretch…so when I approached her to tighten it back up, she said she was done. I leave the footage in of me ungagging her…and she asks if I got enough footage.

Awwww, such a sweetheart- I should have told her no 😉

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