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Christina has always fantasized about being tied up by a girl, but she’s never done it. She posted a Craigslist add and a woman responded. They exchanged photos and decided to meet. Christina has JJ to her house. JJ starts by ballgagging the beautiful woman, then adding a tight crotch rope. Christina is just wearing sheer to waist hose and no bra. JJ adds ropes around her waist and then attaches her hands to the rope and then adds more rope. Christina is getting uncomfortable. JJ puts a pair of panties on her head and cuts her beautiful purple sweater. Now Christina is really worried. JJ removes the ballgag and tries to put the pair of panties into Christina’s mouth, but she’s trying to hold her mouth shut, so JJ pinches her nose and she opens up. JJ wraps her head with microfoam tape and adds more to the helpless woman, tipping her over so she can struggle around in her balltie, before leaving Christina there as she steals her purse and wanders off. JJ reminds Christina never to meet people from the internet.

run time 11 minutes and 20 seconds


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Christina is a a real estate agent that is getting some new headshots for her business card and sales literature. While the photographer tell hers that she has images downloading to a disk and it will only take a few minutes, but then the photographer starts to talk about the tough economy and tells Christina that she knows of another way such a pretty woman can make a bunch of extra money. The photographer makes it sound glamorous and exciting and before you know it the successful woman finds herself getting tied up, just to try it out. As things continue and the photographer gets a bit handsy and starts to tighten the ropes, the realtor starts to protest, but the photographer doesn’t care. She stuffs the beautiful womans mouth with a shop rag and then wraps her head with vet wrap. She wriggles about on the floor, her skirt sliding up revealing her thigh high stocking and bright panties. The photographer isn’t done just yet tho, she adds a hogtie rope, really rendering the woman helpless. Poor Christina struggles there on the carpet just hoping that the crazed photographer will come and let her out.

run time 14 minutes and 20 seconds

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The girls struggle in their tight jeans, heels and elbow ties until Eric returns to hogtie them into tight hogties. He ballgags Christina and then gags JJ with stuffing and vetwrap (somehow gagging JJ was not recorded). The gag is very tight tho…The two girles struggle in their tight hogties for the remainder of the clip, their big boobs starting to spill out from their shirts.

run time 9 minutes and 30 seconds

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