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run time over 3o minutes

This was a custom video, I am doing them and responding to emails jj at borntobebound dot com

Two criminals JJ and Tony are robbing a pretty girl named Rachel. They get her all tied up into a helpless little ball on her bed. Her hands are tied to the rope under her butt so she has little use of them. Unfortunately for JJ her accomplice turns on her and since he has a weapon she can’t do anything but go along with it, hoping he’s joking or just playing some kind of sexy game but he is not. He binds her elbows and her wrists in front and he ties her ankles together. He leaves the women there ungagged knowing the predicament that they are in that even though they could get each other untied one will be afraid to go to jail and the other will be afraid of being abandoned there still tied up. The two try to convince one another that they can be trusted but neither is trusting of the other. JJ tries to convince hostage Rachel that she too was help captive by Tony, endured a lot of torture and threats. Rachel isn’t buying what JJ is selling. Suddenly JJ realizes her wallet is in the other room. She hops away to get it and comes back and shows Rachel her ID in hopes that this will make her trust her enough to untie her because if she leaves her stranded in bondage there she could send the cops after her, but Rachel isn’t going for that either. That offer was just to give Rachel one last chance to untie her….It turns out that JJs phone works so she could call the police or a friend for help. Had Rachel chosen to untie her JJ would have also untied Rachel but since she chose not too, even after finding out JJs identity she chooses to call her good buddy Eric Cain on speaker to come untie her and get her out of there. Poor Rachel will be left bound up afterall.

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run time 34 minutes

Tall and busty Riley Jane won’t tell JJ what she needs to know so she decides to persuade her with cruel ropes and gags! Riley gets her mouth stuffed with her scarf, her massive natural boobs tied up and she is tethered to a chair for a while but she still won’t talk. Next more tape goes around her gag, some struggling on the ground and then a hogtie while laying on those bound up boobs that now have tape around them too!! She still isn’t ready to talk but her gag is removed just in case….but the soaked scarf goes back in, vetwrap as a cleave and electrical tape over that to hold it in while the busty woman gets tied into a ball with nipple clamps hanging on my a thread of skin….

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