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run time 26 minutes

Freshie Juice thinks she is applying for a position as an assistant. She looks lovely in her red lace dress and black pantyhose. When the woman doing the hiring walks in wearing fetish apparel Freshie is a little taken a back. The woman had seen her social media profiles and knew that she would be down for much more than an assistant position… She spanks the girl over her black pantyhose. She ballgags her. She has her struggle in a black titless straitjacket. The dress is cut off of the girl and much of her pantyhose are too revealing a fool bush. The girl sucks on a strappon and then has her mouth stuffed with part of her own dress which is also used to wrap around her head to keep the gag in. She takes it from behind before being taped up and left writhing on the floor blindfolded and bit gagged….


Wow. This clip was shot at the height of my stress and exhaustion and before my facial laser and chemical peel. It is really written all over my face…

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23 minutes

Anastassia is waiting for her lover. He sends her a text to tie her legs and ballgag herself. Usually she is the top but she is happy to play a new game. She doesn’t know that his wife has his phone. She comes into the room angry and ties up the lean blond leather woman. She ties her up manhandles her, shoves two pairs of panties and a sock in her mouth and wraps her head with clear tape. She is disgusted at this woman who is a home wrecker and pervert and wants to hurt her the way she’s been hurt. She hogties her while she is on her knees, she tips over and the tie is not tight enough, so after pulling down her leather pants she adds more rope and really tightens up the hogtie. The woman is teetering on her hip bones in distress. Then she wraps her face mouth and eyes with microfoam tape so she can’t even see anything. She leaves her there to wonder about what will come of her.

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