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run time over 23 minutes

I talk to Briella and start to tie her up. I have her ballgag herself and keep tying her up. Her elbows are tied and her wrists to her side. I pull her chest down to her legs and let her stay stuck like that for a while before I tip her over. I demonstrate how I could bang her if I had a penis and then let her stay that way stuck for a while before removing the rope that pulls her chest down so she can sit up. Then I stuff her mouth with a pair of panties and wrap microfoam around her head. She gets put into a tight hogtie. Her hands are at her side so she really can’t roll or move much at all, but her eyes are very expressive. I let her out when I think she was ready. I don’t film ungagging or untying her but I ask her how it went afterward. She said she loved it 🙂

One Response to “Briella hogtied in purple satin panties”

  • Gedanke:

    So gorgeous.
    Beautiful dress, Briella wears.
    I like the idea of using her own or your panties as a hood and then as a gag.
    It would be nice to see a tight gag and 2 or more panties tightly bound as a hood over her head and face as the final step, before the ending and unbinding/ungagging part 🙂

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