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run time just over 10 minutes

A conservatively dressed petite and top heavy milf has been cleave gagged and her wrists have been taped. She is being carried in over a much larger womans shoulder. She is set down on the sofa and told to stay still. She does as she’s told while the woman tapes her up and then cuts open her sweater revealing her pretty lace bra and enormous breasts. The woman keeps taping her up, even tapes up her manicured fingers. Her white knotted cleave gag is removed and roll of vetwrap is used as a cleave and wrapped tightly over and over again around the womans pretty little head. She looks dressed and is left to try to escape for some time before her captor comes back and stands her up. She forces the busty tiny woman to hop up and down for her own amusement before telling her she is taking her up to her room.

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