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run time 30 minutes

Summer complains that most shoots just aren’t hard enough for her…I’m not exactly a sadist but I don’t like to disappoint. We agree on a hogtie and she decides on a chicken wing. When the clip starts her legs have been tied up already. When it starts I begin with her elbows, then wrists, then she gets a pair of thong panties in her mouth and a 2 inch ballgag on top. I get requests for panty stuffing and ballgags and thought that Summer would be a good crash test dummy. Summer gets a crotch rope and struggles around, her gag is changed to an entire roll of vetwrap used as a cleave and then she is finally hogtied. Tightly. She can’t roll over at all and she is a good struggler. I’m happy that I’ve crippled her momentarily, but she hasn’t bailed on me. I take some photos and then roll her back to an upright position. She’s STILL not ready to bail. I ask her if she wants out. It’s obvious she is in pain but she refuses to bail. She wants me to do the right thing and let her out. I’m just so pleased that I got to do a tie like this on someone that I untie her ;)

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  • loek:

    Once more, an excellent update with the amazing Summer. Very tough ropework on this incredible flexible girl. And a lovely drumtight vetwrap cleavegag on top of all this, as a very appreciated bonus. This guy has been spoiled many times so far! Thanks JJ!

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