I went to Florida for Fetishcon Wednesday-Monday. As always I had a terrific time. I shot very little which is a big change for me. I shot a clip for Ted Michaels and Ted Michaels played bad guy for me. I ALMOST forgot how amazing he is as a bad guy, how well he places the ropes and how much I love to be a damsel. I also shot a clip of a girdle bondage loving girl named Coral that always works the girdlebound booth! She doesn’t do bondage modeling but she allowed me to shoot her!!!! I was THRILLED! I also shot a custom clip of Dixie Comet and that was the extent of my shooting!! INSANITY!! I did have a booth at the convention with Tony/ Gotcuffs in hopes of meeting new models and actually mingling with people I never get the chance to talk to at the convention. I also sold my coffee mugs and shirts. Those shirts were a HUGE hit! I wish I had brought more, or perhaps I priced them to cheap, lol.  I tied up Dixie Comet in the booth a couple times as well as Summer Peters and Yvette Costeau. The event just FLEW by!! Since I’m over working for other sites and I hate shooting in hotel rooms I’m thinking that this might be the last Fetishcon I do for a while. It seems that money could be spent on other things…tho I might just bed addicted to going. We will see! I’m posting a bunch of photos from the event here that were taken with my point and shoot in case you’d like to take a peek! I hardly slept at all and was really run down when I left. Even today I was still dragging….

So tomorrow I am shooting with local girl Sikora Kelly. I have only done one clip with her where she played a damsel with Cherry Velvet. I’m excited to see what she can do! She doesn’t have much experience with bondage. After that Amanda Marie and Summer Peters will be back early next week and later in the month Nyxon, Dixie and Crystal are supposed to be back. There are some local burlesque girls that are interested in trying out bondage modeling as well!  I had an email conversation with Julie Simone today and she may very well come to visit in September. PLEASE keep your fingers crossed that she can make it. I’d love to do more with her :)

On another note I got some horrible news yesterday. It turns out that the world has lost Natali Demore. She passed away. She was the first and only girl I shot a girl/ girl clip with. I  truly admired her hard work and success as a female producer. She was a no nonsense kind of girl, definitely more dominant than me but she managed to make me feel very comfortable and even allowed me to top her in our scene.  I thought it was a sick joke, but sadly it isn’t. I feel absolutely terrible for those that were close to her. She will be terribly missed on and off screen.

Time to wrap this up. Who really has the attention span to read journal updates anyway?


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  • Gedanke:

    Hi JJ.
    Thanks for the journal update.
    I think you are the first one talked or showed something about this years FetCon.
    It seems you have a full schedule now for the next time. Sounds very good.
    Bad to hear, that you might be there on FetCon the last time.
    Much badder, the lost of Natali.

    I wish you the best,


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