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run time 28 minutes

Summer swings around in 6 inch pumps in a tight elbows together strappado with a ballgag that is almost 3 inches stuffed into her mouth. I enters and start to tie her hair back into a braid with speaker wire to hold her head up. She likes to keep it pointed at ground, but that is an easy fix… Her gag is switched out for a shop rag that is first used to wipe the sweat off of her face and her head is wrapped with microfoam tape. She gets clover clamps on her boobs and pulled down to her knees. She can’t move much at all…Once that ordeal is over she is set into a chair with her elbows still bound together. She is told to get to the floor where more wire is added around her upper body. She looks hot and uncomfortable so I cool her down by pouring a bottle of water on her. She is put into a snug hogtie and her head is pulled back…She kicked her heels off so I tape her feet together, tape her fingers together, wrap more tape around her gag…I make her tell me she is ready to get out…tho I don’t think she would have called the scene for some time… *This girl is freak of nature and makes me look look about as flexible as a bag of concrete and as tough as some prissy girl that only does bondage for money. As soon as I got her arms out of the speaker wire her arms were already working, not numb at all. Incredible.

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