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run time 31 minutes and 20 seconds

Ariyana has been chained, cuffed and leg ironed. She is sitting in a waiting room wondering what is going to happen next. She has been caught trespassing, sent by her company to obtain corporate secrets. JJ gets into work and is delighted that the other guard has a present waiting for her. The sexy little Puerto Rican is a bit flirty and seems to like the idea of being played with instead of going to jail- at least in these more comfortable bindings. JJ puts a ballgag in her mouth and takes her over to a bit more seedy area of the building. She keeps her cuffed up but makes a chest harness and then gets some twine and starts to tie up the girls tits. She continues to tie the girl up and finally removes the metal bondage so she can move her wrists to the back. Her ballgag is taken out and satin panties are stuffed in her mouth and her head is wrapped tightly with vetwrap. It is obvious that the lady is no longer enjoying herself. Since she has been such a good sport she removes the harsh gag and puts in a 2inch ballgag that makes her drool all over her bound up boobs. She is told to get to the floor where she is put into a snug hogtie and the gag pulled back, before long her mouth and eyes are covered with red vetwrap and she is left there…

2 Responses to “Corrupt security guard was left a hot little present”

  • loek:

    Terrific update with the beautiful Ariyana! Outfit, ropework, stuffed vetwrap cleave gag, final ballgag,…amazing how gorgeous this model looks in all this! There is table wine, you have the average wine and you can go for the “grand cru classé”. TMHO this clip once more belongs to the last category. Satisfaction guaranteed! Thanks, JJ!

  • Loek, I’m so glad you are liking my gags even tho I can’t bring myself to be as mean as your friend Eric, lol. I want this girl to come back and I made her tap out twice in this clip. lol

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