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Star wants to be tied up so she places a Craigslist ad. Little does she know this woman intends on leaving her tied up and gagged on her sofa while she robs her. Star greets JJ and JJ gets to work tying her up. She gags her with a big red ballgag and she drools all over herself. She struggles while JJ goes to get a glass of water, really checking out the place. When she returns she removes Stars ballgag and gives her a sip of water. Next she gets her mouth stuffed and her head wrapped with vetwrap before getting hogtied on the sofa and being left to struggle. Eventually a neighbor hears her muffled cries and comes over to let her out.

* I realize I’ve been posting way too many of these Craigslist clips, this will be the last one for a while

2 Responses to “Good thing my neighbor heard my muffled cries!”

  • Jesse:

    Star is very sexy I love to watch her in pantyhose. Would love tho see her in a kiddnapp senario and pantyhose gagged,pantyhose over face. I am glad the shoes came off she has sexy feet.

  • She is a beautiful girl :) I’m not sure when I’ll be working with her again, but I will keep your suggestions in mind for sure!

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