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run time 25 minutes

Summer comes home from work and calls a friend. She says that she is going to take a nap. When she comes to, she has been tied to a chair with her legs crossed and a ballgag between her teeth. She doesn’t understand what is happening. A woman appears and adds more rope to her body, eventually removing the ballgag and putting a shop rag in her mouth. She wraps her head with microfoam and later with electrical tape and continues to tie her to the chair, pressing her elbows together firmly. She gets clothespins on her nipples. She thinks she is going to get some relief when the woman takes the gag off of her but she isn’t so lucky. She gets an entire roll of vetwrap wrapped around her head as a cleave, distorting her face. Her hair is braided back and twine added to it and her head is pulled back making her even more miserable. Some time later she wakes up on the couch, disheveled with a few remnants of rope around her head.

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  • loek:

    Fabulous update with the fabulous Summer. The acebandage cleave gag is amazing. Just the kind of stuff I love to see. Thank you, JJ, to treat your members so extremely good! It’s a pleasure to see once again how good you are in translating people’s phantasy and in keeping promises. Keep up these excellent updates of yours!

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