Hi Everyone!

Sadly Ashley Graham and Crystal Frost had to cancel their trips so I don’t have any new content with them.

Summer Peters is in town and I hope to take advantage of her as much as possible. She is one slender bendy and tough little woman! Of course I love the fuller figured ladies…I love seeing someone in bondage and knowing it isn’t easy for them but they are toughing it. Skinny girls generally make it look too easy for my taste. It bores me since I like to tough it out myself, BUT, as a rigger with someone like Summer I know just about anything I do to her isn’t going to hurt her, unless I screw something up and it takes a lot off of my mind.

Pretty soon I’ll be headed to Fetishcon in Tampa. I don’t have paid gigs booked- not doing any myself with other producers and currently don’t have any girls hired. I DO have a booth in hopes of meeting potential new girls and actually  mingling. I’ve been to Fetishcon A LOT, but I usually only spend about 15 minutes on the floor the entire event. Of course this will force me to meet people and I’m looking forward to it! I would like to hire a girl or two, preferably girls I haven’t had the opportunity to work with…I don’t want to do much work there because I’m tired of hotel rooms. If you have model recommendation please write me:

I also realized that I’ve been doing way too many hogties and Craigslist videos. I’ll try to change it up. IF you have any suggestions please message me. Most of the suggestions I get include using about 5 of the top girls in the industry and locations that are just not feasible, soooo if you have a tie idea OR scenario that would work with two people and someone on camera PLEASE message me:

On another note my significant other (Tony/ gotcuffs) decided he just HAD to buy a boat…My condo is across the street from a large body of water and there are lots of marinas nearby that look enticing to someone that isn’t from the area that doesn’t know anything about boating. I tried to be the voice of reason and tell him not to pursue it. My family had a boat growing up and I saw the trouble and expense that went into it, plus the season is sooo short here in Detroit AND we still have A LOT of work to do on the studio space.  Well he didn’t really listen to my warning and went ahead with it soooo we now have a big old boat we can shoot on. Although I don’t think it was the wisest decision…life is short and I will gladly take advantage of it!! lol.  Amazingly enough we are keeping it at an old friends marina. A fella that was one of my customers during my automotive industry days is running the place. He knows what I do and is OK with us shooting outside during the week when there are few people around! So far I have just shot one clip at the marina and on the boat, and that was with a new girl named Polly. I’m looking forward to another new environment to work in!!

In August I plan on taking a bit of a break from having people stay at the house and I’ll just work with local girls. There are A LOT of things I want to work on at the studio and my house, BUT Dixie Comet will be coming through as well as Nyxon, aside from that I am just saying no to house guests (as hard as that is) sooo if you’d like a custom clip with them, please message me.

Also, let me apologize for being lousy at emails. The amount I get since opening this paysite has been overwhelming for a scatterbrained individual likes myself. Don’t get me wrong, I am sooo incredibly thankful to get input and hear from people. I was told over and over from some of my closest friends in the industry that I would never “make it” and so far they were wrong.  Opening the website was the best decision I’ve made in YEARS! Sadly I just don’t have the time to message back and forth with people a bunch. I wouldn’t have enough time to actually shoot the content, edit it and post it. YES, I do it all myself. The only thing I don’t do is troubleshoot. Please don’t let that stop you from saying hello or giving your input, just understand I can’t write you a dozen times and explain my life story, and I don’t have people writing pretending to be me like a  lot of others….I’m sorry for that and don’t mean to seem standoffish. I’m so thankful for being able to do this and value your input.

Also is back open again this year. You should stop by. There are a TON of categories. You don’t have to sign up for anything and you won’t be spammed. One of the categories is best new bondage site. HINT HINT ;) !

Later this evening a clip of Summer Peters will go up. I’ll also post a few bonus photosets over the weekend. I’m trying to get caught up on those.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  • pwbritt:

    Hello JJ,

    My condolences on the boat…but you may have fun on it anyway. Is Summer Peters married to Anthony Peters from DizDat fame? She looks to be the same woman he has shot a lot. Please be kind and sometimes tape the subs fingers together for me??

    Love the site,


  • pwbritt: I did tape her fingers together in an upcoming clip ;) Dizdat and her did date. He was the first to tie her up. They never married and she is no longer working with him, tho you can expect to see her popping up on A LOT on other bondage sites.

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