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run time over 14 minutes

Chrissy has always wanted to be tied up. So JJ answers an add on Craigslist to make that happen. Chrissy looks amazing in shiny pants and a sheer tank top. JJ gets to work tying her up and puts a dental gag in her  mouth. She starts to drool. That gag is nice, but not effective enough so JJ stuffs the unsure girls mouth with a sock and wraps her head with vetwrap as a cleave. It is obvious she is miserable with this type of gag. JJ has her lay down on the sofa and puts her into a hogtie, pulls her boobs out of her barely there shirt and leaves her there.

*We all have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to bondage and gags and Chrissy really struggles with gags. On a personal level she did a real nice job dealing with this particular gag. I didn’t have to take out the stuffing or loosen the wrap. I know it took a lot out of her to get through the gag.

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