JJ and Tony can’t stand the idea of their wealthy father marrying some piece of trash that is even younger than they are. They don’t want anyone to get ahold of the inheritance they are entitled to. They come up with a plan to tie her up as JJ is supposed to take her to her hair appointment for her big day. They take her to the ground and Tony holds her arms as JJ ties them up nice and tightly in her pretty little suit. Next JJ removes her full back panties and shoves them into the womans mouth, wrapping her head with vetwrap with help from her little brother. It is snug and samantha can hardly mumble a word, but JJ adds clear electrical tape to the gag…just in case. Next JJ unbuttons her blouse exposing her red lacing bra and huge tits that no doubt their father bought her! The brother and sister duo run off to make room for the woman in Tony’s trunk and return after a bit to get her. Tony picks her up and carries her thru the house and out into the yard. These two spoiled brats are not about to let samantha get her hands on their money. (side note, don’t mind JJ’s boobs falling out of her dress a few times, lol)

run time 9 minutes and 3o seconds

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