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run time 32 minutes

I met Mary Jane under another name on She loves bondage but doesn’t get the opportunity to be tied up tightly in real life much. I first make her uncomfortable by having her get into a girdle, stockings, super tight skirt and shiny blouse along with some tall heels. She loves to be outdoors and ride horses so my bondage attire is a new world for her. I decided to put her into a hogtie, because that happens to be her favorite. I ask her questions as I tie her up. Eventually it is time to shut her up and I put a nice sized 2 inch black ballgag between her teeth. She soon gets to the floor and I put some new nipple clamps on her. I struggle to get them on her, laughing at her discomfort (because I know she loves it). She is sweating so I decide to help her out and pour some of my bottle of water on her before having her get to her stomach so I  can hogtie her. I put her in a snug hogtie and then tie her long brown hair back keeping her head up. She sits there quietly with a big grin on her face which you can see through her ballgag and stocking cap! I attach the ropes on her to an overhead pulley and I crank her up until most of her big boobs aren’t on the floor anymore. I remove her heels and slap her feet. She can’t move much at all…. I remove the cap and gag on screen ask her a couple of questions and she says goodbye. She will be back for more…and those boobs are dying to be tied up and that mouth should be stuffed appropriately! She did borrow that girdle ;) I love helping pretty ladies be a bit more girlie.

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  • Thanks guys. I LOVE to work with women that LOVE bondage (like I do)! That particular gag came from a company out of Germany that will not ship to the United States because they say we are to “sue happy”. I am going to try to order a bunch of them and have a friend that lives in Germany bring them over for me, and I’ll offer them for sale. Sadly they aren’t cheap…but they are totally worth it AND the models like them too because they don’t taste bad, they have some give to the ball, they don’t fall apart and they don’t cut the sides of the mouth.

  • Sean:

    I look forward to more videos,and the gags :)

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