New model to this site, Hannah Perez!

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run time 47 minutes

A petite and lovely girl finds herself tightly hogcuffed with a sack over her head in the back of the car. She is being driven around and she has no idea what these people want. She tells them that she isn’t rich…Once they park a woman stands her up, puts leg irons on her and elbow cuffs and then walks her into a building and up a few sets of stairs. Poor Hanah can hardly see through the sack and is wearing 6inch heels. Once up the stairs they enter a room and the bag is plucked from her head. The ordeal continues when a woman twice her size starts to tie up her elbows and wraps rope around her waist and connects her to a line overhead. She is ballgagged and forced to walk on the line with a tight crotch rope. Her captor decides to sit her down and rope up her legs, heels and arms tightly and then swaps out her gag for a big pair of panties and tight vetwrap. She pulls Hannahs chest down to her knees and leaves her there to struggle for a while before returning and letting her sit back up…She adds black vetwrap to Hannahs head, lays her on the floor, and adds more rope to her pulling her legs back and her chest forward. The poor thing is stuck there, hardly able to move with her elbows welded together. After some time she hears the door. It is her husband! He unwraps her gag. She is delighted that he came to rescue her…UNtiL he tells her that he organized the entire thing…she had mentioned a fantasy of being kidnapped- She is livid and thinks he has lost his mind. Upset, he leaves her there still tied tightly and says he will return once she cools down…

2 Responses to “Hannah has a bad day.”

  • Loek:

    Great ropework, solid stuffed vetwrapgag, goodlooking model, nice outfit, professionel female bondage rigger, improving every time, high standard camerawork and videoquality, an inventive husband :-) ,…this clip offered me a good day. Highly appreciated stuff!

  • timmy:

    fantastic, you two work well together

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