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run time 20 minutes and 25 seconds

Summer dressed in lace leggings, matching tank top, high heels and collar sits on the sofa as I strap her up with rubber straps and ask her questions about her bondage life. Then I put her into a snug leather arm binder. The straps are crisscrossed and tight around her neck. I add more straps to cinch the armbinder to her body. Once she ha a lot of straps on her pretty little body I add a blue harness gag with a big white ball. I keep the original black leather collar on her and I keep those straps across her neck so she has lots of nice constricting pressure on her throat :) She struggles around for a while before I come back remove her heels and put more leather goods on her, an ankle strap that connects to a toe strap. I ask her to roll onto her stomach and I add an extra long strap to strap her into a hogtie. She makes happy noises, then I add a stocking cap over her head and add electrical tape for decoration and leave her there to struggle…

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