This was a custom for Jeanette

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run time 28 minutes

Itty bitty Jeanette has a new job, to be an office ornament during the holidays to keep office morale up. She isn’t thrilled about it but everyone else is. She is carried in and stood up and tethered off with a rope from above. A woman comes and adds rope to her slender legs. She struggles about, her perfect little booty on display for us. A big white ball is put in her mouth and replaces the small harness gag. After some time the scene cuts to her well tied in a chair with the big white ball in her mouth. Next we see her tied in a ball sitting up on the floor with an open mouth gag, she falls to the side and struggles more. As the day comes to an end she is shown on the desk where she is hogtied and her gag is replaced with a sponge ball, vetwrap and tape. After a while the woman comes in and puts a hood and blindfold on her for lights out. The next am she returns, what kinds of positions should we get the office ornament into today????

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