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run time 17 minutes

JJ is applying for a job with a company that sells rope. Unfortunately for JJ the woman did a background check and found out that JJ has been in trouble for the law for public intoxication and flashing. She tells JJ tho she is qualified for the job that she won’t be getting it. JJ leaves angry and wants to punish the woman… She gets into her truck, waits for her to leave work, makes her pass out and drags her back into her office where she ties her up tightly, shoves a pair of panties in her mouth and vetwrap… Later she sees the woman trying to spit them out, so takes them out, but punishes her with a brutal vetwrap cleave gag. Once she is all tied up in a modified ball tie she gets rope wrapped around her gag as well. After some time the cleaning man comes in. JJ leaves, and after some time the cleaning man comes in and sweeps up the floor around her. She begs for help, but she’s never been nice to him, so he feels her up (something he always wanted to do) and then tells her that he will let her out at the end of his shift.

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