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run time 21 minutes and 59 seconds

Rachel Adams is a nurse in a psychiatric hospital, and she does not treat her patients properly. She burned out in her 20s and is no longer kind. She returns home complaining about her patients and coworkers and begins to undress from her uniform. Once she is down to just her to her opaque white tights an orderly (JJ Plush) enters with a strait jacket from the hospital. She wants to teach Rachel a valuable lesson for how she has been treating her patients. Once she has her tightly strapped in, she shoves panties in her mouth and secures them with microfoam tape while struggling on the bed. After a time, she returns with a wheel chair. She calls the hospital and says that she has a new patient for admission and has them bring the van over. She then pulls Rachel off of the bed and adds more tape around her head to muffle her protests and ties her to the chair and puts a blindfold on her. Once that is all secure, she wheels her out.

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