New model in blue and her name is Princess and she is local and available for more

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

run time 35 minutes and 33 seconds

A woman and her helper have 3 beautiful girls Jayda Blayze, Je C and (brand new bondage model Princess )in the attic. They are kept in bondage, two of them cuffed in a cage and one of them cuffed to a cross. After a while their captor comes in and gets the one off of the cross and begins tying her to a chair. Then one is let out of the cage and told to crawl around to the front of the chair where she is cuffed to it while sitting on the floor. Finally the last one comes out of the cage as well. All three  pretties are tied to the chairs with their elbows bound and nice size ballgags in their mouths. Two of them get nipple clamps. Their mouths are stuffed with colorful hankies and lips sealed shut with tight black vinyl tape. Their legs have been tied spread to the chairs even with their leg irons on. Finally they are left alone and the one seated in the middle does her absolute best to get free, trying to wrangle a pair of scissors with her feet. For now the ladies are still stuck. What do these people have in mind for them?

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