Candace is  brand new to bondage and to bondage modeling

As I put the chest ropes on she told me that she had a rare heart condition and to not put anything tight across her chest. I was absolutely stunned because this is something that should have been discussed ahead of time. We got through it and she is going to discuss this type of thing with her doctor. On another note that costume belongs to me if anyone has any ideas for it.

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run time over 37 minutes

¬†Supercandace isn’t feeling so super. A woman has her cuffed overhead with a spreader bar on her ankles. She twists around and lifts herself off of the ground but she can’t escape. A woman comes in and renders her helpless and seats her in a chair. Ropes lift her legs off of the floor and is wrapped around her waist. Her little ballgag is removed and some tape is wrapped as a cleave. After some struggling she is rendered helpless again and walked into another room and led to a post where she is tied more and tethered to it for a bit before being places on a table and hogtied in a harness gag. She is left drooling on the floor.

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