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run time over 26 minutes

GG finds herself in a makeshift prison cell straitjacket. She calls for help through the door. Her cries are met with a man that brings a cart in. He ballgags her. She struggles and hits her head on the top bunk. She is lifted up and placed in the cart and taken out of the little room and placed in a corner to wait to meet her potential new owner. The woman arrives and is delighted at the looks of GG. Her client wanted a hot little Italian mama for his own play thing and she fits the description perfectly. The buyer tells her captor that she needs to to her up- that her client likes bondage games. He gets her out of the cart and the two of them remove her straitjacket and he holds her down while she gets tied up by the woman. She is being loud, even with the ballgag, so it is removed and her mouth is stuffed and her head is wrapped numerous times with duct tape. The woman adds a crotch rope to the little milf and then hogties her. They let her struggle for a bit before the gentleman picks her up in her hogtie and places her on a board on the cart. He wheels her off…they are going to take her out to transport her to her new home.

3 Responses to “Hot Italian mama tied up to be sold off”

  • QuentinBTBB:

    Simple : the best video I’ve ever seen.
    She’s not agree with this tied up, and this is EXACTLY what’s so great in this video :)

    I’m really glad about my registration on this website.

  • I’m glad you like it! She is an excellent Damsel and truly loves bondage, a real joy to shoot!!

  • bill:

    why wasnt druged for shipping

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