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full clip,run time almost 34 minutes

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mostly struggling, run time about 14 minutes

memA good friend and fan requested a boxtie hogtie custom with clothesline in a black bodysuit on my personal bed, no acting. The corona virus had just become an issue in America and most of us were on lock down. My exhusband stayed in town longer because of it. So in this very candid clip we chat and he boxties me. I walk around my upstairs a little bit and walk some stairs and pose in high heels in the boxtie (with the authentic red bottoms) in a big white ballgag. Then I struggle around on the bed and on the ottoman and I hop around the room before he hogties me with red panties in my mouth and uses vetwrap to keep them in. There is also a time that I play with my cat by a rope dangling out of my mouth. I am finally hogtied and my ancient bed swallows me up and I can not roll at all, not for the life of me and the hogtie rope isn’t even pulled that tight. If I were on hard ground I could get myself to roll over but I’m not so I’m miserable because my right shoulder is also throbbing so badly that I want to cry. I get a bit demandy (you can figure it out) begging Tony to roll me to get some relief. At this time I’m really mad at myself because this actually looks like fake bondage to someone like me and I’m just so miserable in it like I’m at the end of an Eric Cain torture clip but I’m not, sigh.

good thing I’m self employed eh?

The corona virus and how the government and humans were (and still are) handling it had me mentally super stressed out so my body was extremely tense and it just is not easy being tied by someone that I had married for life that I have all of these issues with, believe me I do a lot of soul searching hoping for it to be easy, I’m just not there… However my shoulder hurt for a couple weeks, that was real. It did not effect my elbow tie ability though, thankfully and I’m doing some stretches to hopefully get it back to normal 🙂

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